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New distributor of Huaris products in the USA

Perspectiva Solutions and RPMC Lasers Collaborate for Exclusive Huaris Product Distribution in the USA

We are excited to announce a new collaboration between Perspectiva Solutions and RPMC Lasers, aimed at establishing an exclusive distribution partnership for the Huaris product line within the United States. This strategic alliance brings together two industry-leading companies, combining their expertise in laser beam diagnostics and laser technology distribution. By joining forces, we aim to provide comprehensive and reliable laser solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers in the US market.

Perspectiva Solutions Teams Up with RPMC Lasers

RPMC Lasers, incorporated in 1996, stands is the leading laser distributor in North America. With over two decades of experience, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the industry. RPMC Lasers is committed to promoting cutting-edge laser technology by partnering with industry-leading manufacturers. They are an OEM supplier working with the technology leading laser manufacturers from the US and Europe.

While being the one of the largest distributors in USA, they maintain the values and personalized service of a small company. RPMC supports the Industrial, Medical, Military, and Scientific markets. RPMC offers diode lasers, laser modules, solid-state lasers and amplifiers, and fiber lasers and amplifiers. Their dedicated team of career laser professionals possesses extensive knowledge and technical expertise in a wide range of lasers, ensuring they offer reliable solutions for diverse applications.

“The people at Perspectiva Solutions are great to work with. I think their laser profilers and AI-powered cloud service will be of real value to the laser industry once people get a chance to learn about their capabilities and benefits.”

Dean Micke, President of RPMC Lasers

Enhancing Laser Beam Diagnostics in the US Market

Perspectiva Solutions is a renowned supplier of laser beam diagnostic solutions supported by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. With a strong focus on precision and accuracy, our Huaris product line has been recognized for its exceptional quality and performance Category Finalist in the Innovation Award at Laser World of Photonics in Munich, 2022. Combining advanced technology and innovative features, our diagnostic tools enable users to effectively analyze and optimize laser beam characteristics. With the goal of expanding our reach and making our products more accessible to customers in the United States, we have selected RPMC Lasers as our exclusive distributor for this market.

“Their understanding of our products and what value they can bring to the industry, especially manufacturers running many laser systems for 24/7 production, should help us reach more people in North America who could really benefit from the unique product and service we provide. The team at RPMC is exceeding our expectations so far, and we are looking forward to a fruitful relationship.”

Krzysztof Jakubczak, CEO and Founder of Perspectiva Solutions.

Under the exclusive distribution agreement, RPMC Lasers will offer the HUARIS One (1 MP) and HUARIS Five (5 MP) laser beam profilers and its equivalents in the version with a dedicated tablet + software (Mobi). In addition, RPMC Lasers will provide access to a subscription-based AI-powered cloud service from Perspectiva Solutions. This cloud-based service offers real-time monitoring, analysis, and diagnostics of laser parameters, as well as predictive maintenance suggestions based on automated machine learning algorithms.

HUARIS system based on AI (artificial intelligence) for laser preventive maintenance. The system is a Category Finalist in the Innovation Award at Laser World of Photonics in Munich, 2022. Perspectiva Solutions has been acknowledged for Huaris system as 1 of 101 Most Innovative Machine Learning Startups & Companies in Poland.

According to Data Magazine from the UK has recognized our company as one of the most innovative entities in Poland in the machine learning field!

Advantages of the Partnership

Customized Support: Both Perspectiva Solutions and RPMC Lasers are committed to delivering personalized support to every customer. With this collaboration, you can expect tailored assistance and guidance in selecting the right laser solutions to meet your specific needs.

Timely and Reliable Service: Prompt responses and quick turnaround times are essential in the rapidly evolving laser industry. By partnering with RPMC Lasers, we ensure that your inquiries will be addressed promptly, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Trusted Expertise: The collaboration between Perspectiva Solutions and RPMC Lasers combines our in-depth knowledge of laser beam diagnostics with RPMC’s extensive experience in laser distribution. This synergy ensures that you receive honest and trusted advice throughout the process, from product selection to after-sales support.

Comprehensive Support: Our partnership aims to deliver high-quality support at every stage of the customer journey. From the initial inquiry to the final implementation, you can rely on both Perspectiva Solutions and RPMC Lasers to provide comprehensive assistance and guidance.

Breaking New Ground: Perspectiva Solutions and RPMC Lasers Collaborate

The exclusive distribution partnership between Perspectiva Solutions and RPMC Lasers marks an important milestone in our commitment to serving the US market. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, we aim to bring cutting-edge laser beam diagnostic solutions to customers across the country. Together, we will ensure that you have access to the best laser products at fair prices, combined with exceptional service and support. We look forward to a successful partnership and invite you to explore the Huaris product line, now available through RPMC Lasers in the United States.

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