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Huaris One
Huaris One
Huaris One
Huaris One
Huaris One
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Huaris One
Huaris One
Huaris One
Huaris One
Huaris One
Huaris in action


HUARIS is a new brand focused on an innovative approach to laser beam profiling. Our products are aimed at development of devices which are originating from our experience in the laboratory work on the development of the light sources and from user experience of our future clients which we have been extensively gathering over last few years.

Our mission is to deliver solutions which are friendly in operation in the front-end and highly-advanced in the back-end. Our products are durable, they provide the data the user really needs and the software interface which is self-explanatory. We believe our devices will constitute a new approach to the laser beam characterization.


Huaris One is a first in the family product. The idea behind it was that in daily practice of laboratory specialists and field maintenance technicians in industry just simple and handy device is needed. Indeed, we would like to direct our product to most common use applications as a tool which is fairly simple but backed with advanced technology. It measures beam width parameters which are standardized and well recognized by the scientific and industrial communities, yet having a bunch of options making the device just right for the intended use.

We continue our R&D activities to offer you tailored and well adapted products for other very specific applications soon. You should not hesitate to stay in touch with us to let us know your feedback about the results of our work. We would be pleased to consider your thoughts while designing our new products.




The essential objective of every measuring device is the measurement accuracy. The high quality of our devices has been confirmed in the validation tests at external, world acknowledged laser R&D center in benchmarking experiments proving the ultimate level of measurement precision.



We have implemented two modes of operation in our profile meter: automatic and manual. Automatic mode is perfect for the quick adjustment of the camera parameters at start or long-run measurement. Manual mode lets you fine-tune the parameters according to your specific needs.



We have developed our own methods and algorithms of noise correction in real-time to maximize the measurement accuracy. DNC is highly convenient. You do not need to re-calibrate the profiler every time you start your measurement which makes the measurement going smoothly.

2D & 3D VIEW

2D & 3D VIEW

In our software you will be able to view the beam in 2D and 3D. Additionally, you can see sections of the beam and apply color palette at your convenience. 3D view is interactive. You can change the view angle. Cursors on the views will let you measure the specific, non-standard features of the beam.



Reporting works like a charm! You can save the measurement report as a PDF file for later use. Additionally, you can save the movie or image files presenting your beam footprint.



The measurement results are standardized beam characteristics as defined in ISO 11146. These include: FWHM, 1/e, 1/e2, 4σ for both horizontal and vertical directions for Gaussian and elliptical beams. Additionally, the parameters of Lorentz distribution as well as statistical momenta are delivered.

Our products

Huaris photo

Huaris One

Laser beam profiler

It is simple in use, inexpensive to buy, durable and giving you just the information you need about your beam quality. The software is not overloaded with excessive data. The measurement report is generated fairly easy.

Huaris has numerous features that are intended to help you to make the measurement as quickly as possible and as easy as it gets. In order to achieve it we have been extensively working on hardware and software optimization.

Our device has been developed and manufactured using sensors from world-leading suppliers of CMOS arrays. Our hardware fits established standards to facilitate the use of the device. The validation tests were conducted by top-notch experts in laser development field. Our professional service is at your disposal anytime in order to offer the best quality product.

The technical specification of the Huaris 1 profile meter has been given in the flier available here. The views from real measurement and real photos of the product are available in the gallery.

Huaris Mobi

Huaris Mobi - First mobile laser beam profiler

Huaris Mobi is the first mobile laser beam profile. It allows space saving in the laser laboratories and lets maintenance staff to carry less of the equipment to the service place.

Huaris Mobi is a complete measurement instrument. It comprises two components: compact Huaris laser beam profiler and 7″ tablet with the software. All is set when delivered to our Client and once you plug the power in it is up and ready for the measurement. No time wasted.

The information brochure is available HERE.

Huaris photo
Huaris photo

Huaris AI – predictive maintenance for laser systems

Your laser available in the cloud

HUARIS AI is a comprehensive metrology system which allows remote and fully automatic diagnostics of your laser systems. Our system is the first on the market, universal and automatic solution that allows integration with a vast majority of lasers to predict their failures and thus increase their availability.

The infrastructure of the product has been designed to be highly scalable, available 24/7 and implements solutions for processing of big quantities of data. Artificial intelligence algorithms perform real-time beam assessment and deliver suggestions to the user about the need and potential scope of preventive maintenance work to be done.

The HUARIS system operation:

  1. Metrology module collects the measurement data in real time, 24/7 or as often as you wish.
  2. The measurement data is pre-processed by local application.
  3. The pre-processed data and raw measurement results are sent to the cloud HUARIS system backed with artificial intelligence.
  4. The artifacts in the beam footprint and misbehavior in the short and long term are automatically detected.
  5. The problems are detected very early to allow the laser owner or the maintenance staff to react before the laser gets broken.
  6. The laser owners and maintenance staff get instant messages via web application, e-mail or SMS about the laser malfunction.


We would be grateful for your feedback about the product. Also, if you would like to receive quotation for our product, please use the contact form below.



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